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    Vincent DelJesus
    • 3d generalist (France)
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    I hope to find the time to work on the sugar crystals.
    Here is what I have so far.
    Comments are welcome 🙂

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    Muhammet Altun

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hello everyone, This is my first and last post for this challenge. Because i don’t have much time lately i wait for the last weekand and go for it. I hope this a suitable post for this challange. I saw some great posts over the month and you guys inspire and motivate me with your renders. Heres the final render made with Redshift in Cinema 4D. I hope you like this one.</p>
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>final_render</p>
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>
    I cloned some sugar pieces on the objects seperetly so i can very the count and make some non-uniform adjustments.
    I used the new RS Proxy system to clone thousands of sugars with out any lags and fast viewport feedback.</p>
    each of the sugar pieces have 1950 triangles and i would use them as they are in production with no problems.

    Abour Shading: Since i m going with the cloning strategy, shading network is a lot simpler i m using some different scaled noises to make the bump and coloring with a linear ramp as transmittance color.
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>
    <p style=”text-align: left;”></p>
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>sugars</p>
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>shader_tree</p>
    <p style=”text-align: left;”></p>
    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Heres some process pictures. I wasn’t aware of the color restriction at first so i used these colors than changed it to look like in the referance picture</p>

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    Carl Krause
    • Germany

    Really impressive work everybody. I didn’t thought that it would be so hard to get this kind of material. I used the Arnold 4 with the alShaders. And I struggled a lot with the subsurface effect.
    In the end I only used transmission with a colored attenuation and played for ages with the scattering and density sliders.
    Its one shader for all models and no additional geometry.

    little bit of color correction, dof and glow in the final image:


    shading without color correction on checker pattern:


    Displacement is a combination of aiNoises and 2 created textures:

    displace displacement2

    comments are very welcome. cheers.

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    Muhammet Altun

    I just realised my post got all messed up with these html stuff. so, sorry for that.

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    Vincent DelJesus
    • 3d generalist (France)
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    Here is my final image (raw Modo render):

    final render

    The process:
    _ to match the lighting in Modo I had to flip the HDRI horizontally.
    _ I also had to reset the items scale
    _ I started with the surface, creating a displacement map in Substance Designer (download)
    It was combined with 2 procedural textures to create the final look:


    _ then I made the gummy material using SSS.
    The red and white candy also use some transparency on the white part.
    I used different gradients to change the colors and some noise to offset the transition.

    Gummy material
    Here are the material settings (only the Scattering Distance and Depth slightly change for the different candy)

    Candy material

    _ finally added the sugar crystals with 2 Surface Generator and some Replicator (2 meshes)


    That’s it, hope you like it 😉
    I’m glad I came across this website because it was quite a challenge to work on this material and that was really interesting.

    <span style=”border-radius: 2px; text-indent: 20px; width: auto; padding: 0px 4px 0px 0px; text-align: center; font: bold 11px/20px ‘Helvetica Neue’,Helvetica,sans-serif; color: #ffffff; background: #bd081c no-repeat scroll 3px 50% / 14px 14px; position: absolute; opacity: 1; z-index: 8675309; display: none; cursor: pointer;”>Enregistrer</span>

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    Johannes Engelhardt
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    This is my final image:
    The sugar is scattered geometry.
    Rendered with Mantra in Houdini 16.
    That is a really challenging material!

    raw rendering

    On white with glow and DOF.

    On white with glow and DOF.

    Clay-render. Displacement is a worley noise.

    Clay-render. Displacement is a worley noise.

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    • Technical CG Artist
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    Hello everyone, I’m very happy to join this cool challenge, so Let’s Rock And Roll



    I am using Pixar’s Renderman for this Challenge, I hope you like it.



    More Candy Shader reference for better look…

    Renderman Shading Network..

    Mash Network..



    I’m not used any bitmap files in my work except Checkers and Environment Map exist in Challenge file

    I use MASH plug-in for sugar crystals.

    Renderman Setting : Renderman For Maya 21.3 + VCM Integrator + Denoise + Renderman Physical Camera

    Hope you like it.



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    Oleksii Kovalevskyi
    • Graphics programmer

    Hi everyone!

    I’m a real time graphics programmer, so I use Unreal Engine for create and render my material.
    For this challenge I used SSS with baked transmission map + fake planar lighting. Beer’s law for micro surfaces (maps for micro surfaces was generated in substance designer). Sugar was created by tessellation with using random noise map.


    Some deferred buffers :


    Material and material instance settings:


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    Stephan Wagemann
    • 3D generalist
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    Here is the final result, i tweaked the the transmission and the color and shadows to get a bit more dynamic and scattering.
    A bit camera exposure and dof to get even more kick.


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    Profile photo of Anish
    • Junior Generalist

    Hi, great work everyone. Here is my submission for the candy challenge.

    I used the Renderman 21 path tracer in Maya. I’m using a custom displacement map made in Substance Designer to displace the candy, and pxrRamps to get the different colours. The material is made using pxrSurface with single scatter. The sugar is separate geometry that was scattered using xgen.

    Final Image rendered with denoiser

    Substance Designer displacement map

    Node Network

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    Profile photo of pietro
    • vfx td

    Hello all,

    here is my submission, rendered in Houdini 16 with Mantra.

    I’ve built the shader using the new mat/vop context.
    There is no SSS but instead i’ve tried it by mixing two Refraction BSDFs, and layering two different levels of Reflections.
    In both cases I have a very rough layer below a more sharp/glassy one above.
    The hardest balance to strike in this shader was the one between rough/soft jelly and the crystallized sugar, as in the reference, where the little sugar crystals are like glass, but as a whole it all looks nice and soft. Really good challenge.

    The displacement is a procedural Worley Noise, mixed with two other noises to vary the underlying shapes a bit.
    The colour are achieved procedurally by mapping and disturbing the values along the UVs. To help myself retain this approach I’ve rotated the UVs of the Yellow Candy.

    It is a single shader, and then through Houdini’s stylesheets I overrode the relevant parameters to change the look of the different candies.

    The sugar rocks, are two different scatters, with simple refraction shaders, with varying roughness.
    The round less glassy ones have a bit of diffuse too.

    Caustic in the shadows are achieved with Photon Mapping through Houdini’s Caustic Light

    Just for fun of it I’ve done a quick FEM simulation of the candies to see how the shader behaved in motion. It’s crazy noisy, but wanted to get it out 🙂


    submission render




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    Profile photo of Victor
    • 3D generalist

    Hey guys,

    Here is my submission, I used Arnold and alShaders.
    My setup is pretty straightforward: the displacement is generated by an alCellNoise, the candy shader is a mix of Refraction with absorption/scattering values and multi layer SSS. For the yellow candy, is used a layer shader for having the white bottom part more opaque/milky look.
    For sugars pieces, I scattered them with Xgen using multiple archives driven by expressions. The sugar shader is a random variation of refraction and sss with primvar. I used Nuke for color correction and depht of field.
    It was a very challenging shader, hope you like it !




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    Hannah Bayliss
    • Student

    Hi all, this is my entry for this month’s challenge. 🙂

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    Sören Hatje
    9 pts

    I wasn’t really able to finish this. But I doubt that I can get the result I was hoping for anyway…

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    Zeno Pelgrims
    • Probably waiting for uncompleted render buckets
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    Holy moly, this one was even more difficult to decide on a winner than last time. It’s been a super interesting month and we loved the amount of sharing that you all did, from various techniques to generated displacement maps. It’s been great seeing everyone struggle with the current limitations of the available light transport algorithms.. Hehe 🙂


    Thanks to ALL who participated and therefore helped grow this community this month. There’s some new, cool things on the horizon for the next challenges.



    1. MOHAMED YEHIA – @mido5560

    Fantastic work dude. Even though the shadows are not correct, we think you got closest to the reference overall. Please contact me with your address so I can send you a t-shirt.


    2. OLE MARIUS – @olemarius


    3. ANTHONY PILON – @anthonypilon


    Honorable mentions (top 8, not in order):


    Franck Topic (@francky), Pietro (@pietro), Julien Crochet (@juliencrochet), Sondre Nymoen (@pannekaka), Lewis Orton (@lewisorton)



    challenge 02 candy winners

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    Anthony Pilon
    • 3D Generalist
    20 pts

    Congrats to Mohamed for that amazing render, you really nailed the volumetric light!

    I can’t wait to see what the next challenge will be. I just wrapped up another personal artwork, so I’m itching to do some more shader practice. 😀

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    • 3D - Generalist
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    Congrats Mohamed! Great work!

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    9 pts


    hey Zeno Pelgrims

    Thanks it was a fun challenge and i hope that u could participate too like the first snow challenge your work is amazing…  and for the shadow yes i forgot to turn off “affect shadow” for the candy  to match reference but i figured it out after i finished the final render so here it is

    @anthonypilon @olemarius : thanks guys your work is great too

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    Leif Pedersen
    • CG Generalist

    I thought the deadline was May 1st?! Nooooooo!…I expected to submit final renders by tonight…I guess this challenge is in another time zone?

    Love the winners BTW, Mohamed’s render is great as are so many others. Can’t wait to have fun with the next one.


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    Julien Crochet
    • 3D generalist
    17 pts

    Congratulations everyone 🙂

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