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    Really awesome looking entries and shared knowledge.

    Here’s my 2nd rendered image for the challenge. I have added color variation to rasberry. Subsuraface still need little work. Still need improvement overall to nail down the look. For fur using xGen, it is really hard for me. Using AlHair shader though it’s simple, giving me hard time. I have alot to improve on fur and spending lot of time to understand it’s behavior. Lens effects and some retouch in comp will be doing once satisfied with the look. rasberry_lookdev_03

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    I’ve also pointed this issue (page 5 bottom). Like you I don’t find clear response appart Photoshop dont’ corectly write PNG Profil.

    And some Web designers use specific little app to convert PNG for browsers.

    For sure PNG and Web display are not user friendly.

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    Linus Rosenqvist
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    So here is my final version, just redid some comp and cc stuff that looked a bit odd.
    Procedure is the same as in old posts.


    Raw render  (in Log-c):


    Basic comp (diff sss spec and trans) and basic cc without any other comp:

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    Christian Peck
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    Hi all,

    This is my first time participating in one of these, but have been lurking since the snowball.

    I’m not thrilled with it, especially in the crevices, but it was a great chance for me to learn xgen and arnold for the first time!

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    Hello. This is my first challenge I would like to participate. Here is my two renders of raspberry. The first one is simple translucent material with wrong lighting setup 😉 The second one is simple sss material both of them need a lot of work.  I wonder which way I shold go to achieve satisfying effect. I’m working with Vray and 3dsmax.

    First raw render

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    Probably my last try.

    With some comp this time mainly to get a subtle yelloish color to the  frontal specular.

    By the way I don’t find another way to conserve the correct color of the image than make a screen capture of the visual, then convert the capture to PNG with expression media.

    Otherwise this is what is displayed, and as you can see it’s a bit pinky and flashy

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    Stephan Wagemann
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    Hi, nice entries. Here is a raw rendering.
    Rendering space ACEScg
    View Transform ACES REC709
    arnold 5
    aiStandardSurface and aiStandardHair the setup is very simple tell me if you want see the shader settings


    some cc, DOF, glow in comp

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    Hi guys this is my first time here. I like this challenge and i think it can be very useful to practice in the development of materials. I used Vray4C4D. I used three Vrayfastss2 material with slightly different color,specular/glossines/bump value e in the last material for the overall color i used a dirt map to create this sort of “luminous” effect in the cavities. And native maxon hairs for fur. All of these togheter in a blend material.

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    Stephan Wagemann
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    some last tweaks


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    OK, this is my Final submission for this challenge (this is RAW render):

    Rendered in Maya by Redshift:


    This is my shader network for it, i did not use SSS material. It’s a tinted glass material with 100% Roughness + a reflection layer mixed by a Fresnel map  and a separate material for shadow:


    A render with different lighting (RAW Render):

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    Tiberiu Popescu
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    Hello Guys ! I managed to participate on this one as i’m stalking for a while ,really nice ambiance here ,hehe

    Here is my first test ,i’ve overdone the hairs  ,but still wanted to share .Its Corona via 3ds max ! Postwork done inside Corona VFB

    No Post



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    There are some really nice entries coming in.

    @lalllall You’ve got some really nice transluscency happening, nice work. Just wondering, how come you are working in Log space?

    Here’s an updated render for me, I’ve done a few tweaks to the fuzz, the hairs, etc. My workflow is in my earlier post.

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    Hi all ! I’m late but here is my render for the challenge. I really like this forum and if I had more time I will be spamming every challenge ^^

    So, nothing fancy, just à simple vray sss shader in a blend material for some more reflections. I spent time tweaking the settings trying to match the reference but I think I got lost at the end and now it’s more like my vision of à raspberry than THE raspberry itself.


    Raw render

    Minor color correction

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    Linus Rosenqvist
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    @kevisual Thanks! For me it´s very natural to work in that colorspace. My background is in cinematography and grading, something i worked with for 15 years before going into 3d. So that is what i got used to back when you scanned film as dpx with as low contrast as possible and then later Alexa log-c became very mush the standard so im very used to that. I feel that it gives me better control and I dont have to worry about the highligts and I also like to keep close to a cinematic workflow when im trying to achive photorealistic renders.

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    JB Caillet
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    Hi everyone !

    Here is the RAW Render :


    With post production in Nuke :


    I’m a beginner, it was actually my 2nd shaded/textured object, so I spent a lot of time trying things even none physical to get closer to the ref picture.
    But even though, I’m still quite far from the ref, I didn’t managed to get the same beautiful SSS aspect from the ref.


    I also had some issues for the fur… I don’t know how you did guys, but even the minimal length was to long using XGen. So I had to do it with MASH… Did you scale the Rasberry ?


    Here is the nodes for the shaded rasberry :



    And the Nuke’s nodes :



    Maybe you have notice that my render is 1080×1080… I completly forgot that the student version of Nuke allows renders up to 1920×1080. So my 3D renders are at the real size, but not the comp one, sorry for that.


    Before I forgot I would like to say a huge thank you to Zeno for this super exciting forum and Arvid for talking about it in his helpful tutorials !


    NB : Don’t know why… But I had to upload my files on DevianArt, it wasn’t working here…


    If you have any question, feel free to ask.


    Have a good day, and see you next month !

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    Zeno Pelgrims
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    Fantastic work everyone! It’s been great this month – so many people involved : D


    I don’t feel like I got so close this time but I ran out of time. Much, much harder than I thought this would be haha!


    My approach was pretty simple. I create some variation on the color through a noise in UV space to give some breakup among the different parts. I have both a transmission component and a subsurface component, although sss is doing most of the work. The transmission created a nice bit of glow, instead of the very diffuse sss feeling – it just made it feel a bit more liquid inside. I’m also blending another diffuse shader on top to simulate some sheen, although I think it’s way too much in my render. Fur was done with XGEN but was an absolute pain in the ass. For some reason the noise modifier was behaving strangely, I think it is due to the scale of the hairs.


    I couldn’t get rid of the transmission-affected shadow. The shadows cast by this shader are important for self-shadowing, so I couldn’t use a rayswitch to plug in a different shader for the shadow rays. Would be cool if solidangle allowed for different shaders for self shadows and shadows cast on different objects so we can control how far certain cheats affect different objects.










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    János Császár
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    Hello Everyone,

    I’ve finished my work. I wanted to do better, but I could achieve this result with Maya and Arnold. This is my first exercise in this forum, I really enjoyed it and I learned a lot. I hope you’ll like it.


    Post production with Photoshop:

    Post production


    Raw (beauty) render:

    Raw (beauty) render

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    Second and final update in this challenge. Lots of tweaks since last time. Added some masks to control the reflections/spec mostly and redid the whole fur. Also added some more detail to twigs.

    In comp I just added some lens defects to try match what macro tubes adds to the picture in form of diffusion, lens flare and chromatic aberration.

    Overall a fun and hard challenge! Learned a lot on this one.





    Shader breakdown:

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    Thilo Seifert
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    Final try




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