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    I have found some time today to work a bit on my shading.

    Here is the result. Still not perfect but I am happy for today (tomorrow I will hate it for sure).

    Software used: Maya, xGen, Redshift, Fusion (no Nuke license free at the moment).  Rendertime was about 20 minutes.

    Here are my images. 3D rendering, comped version, 3D vs comp and my extreme complex shader tree and fusion nodegraph 🙂


    3D rendering


    Comped result

    comp vs 3D screenshot

    Fusion comp

    Redshift shader

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    Julien Crochet
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    Here is my latest try, wish i had more time ! >First one



    Final composite, raw render and materials.

    I switched from AlShader to a basic VrayMtl on which i played a lot with the fog multiplier/bias,the refraction glossiness and the translucency to get more light through than what i could get with SSS. I also merged this material with another layer of blurred reflection to get the diffused specular effect. I forgot to add the third layer to get a clearer material on the broken part but it didn’t really work better than on this render 🙂 It seems i also forgot to check on a few maps on the main shader but they didn’t have much effect either.

    The hair is still 3DS Max Hair&Fur, and some larger hairs spread on PFlow with a refractive shader.


    I probably won’t have time later today to go back and make some changes so this it ! 😀

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    Hey folks.

    My final Result.

    Comp Image

    Comp Image

    Raw Render

    RAW Render



    Nuke Network


    Wipe Image

    Hope You Like It.

    Maya 2017, Xgen , Renderman 21.4 + PathTrace integrator + Denoise System  , Nuke


    Morteza Ghamari

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    Hi Guys, final image just refined the colour and hairs

    Raw Image



    Comped Image


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    Tiberiu Popescu
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    Back with the final version! Compliments to all participants ,happy to be a part of this. DOF added with Frischluft lenscare

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    Hello guys,
    here is my final render. I used Arnold with Alshaders and Xgen for the fur.









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    Ok. I’m late a little. This is my final RAW render. Thanks for competition.

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    Is the challenge closed guys?

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    So much nice entries !

    It’s a hard work for the jury now 🙂

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    Matthew Nowak
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    Here is my raw and final comped render. I used C4d and Aronold 2.0.  Did some minor color adjustments and added a iris blur in photoshop.






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    Zeno Pelgrims
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    Jeez, this was a **** hard one to judge! So many entries, and so many of them really quite good!


    Unfortunately our vote from Henning (@ DNEG) didn’t make it in time – he’s a busy guy.


    Arvid Schneider (@ ILM):

    1. @thobani
    2. @danilsh
    3. @aniki


    Harsh Agrawal (@ PIXAR):

    1. @juliencrochet
    2. @fachirul
    3. @sebastian


    And myself:


    1. @thobani
    2. @sebastian
    3. @pauldryzen


    This means @thobani gets sent a shadersxyz shirt! Please send me your address dude, nice work!


    To the other finalists, it was SUPER hard to decide, as you can tell from the different top 3’s of us all.


    I’d like to especially thank all other contestants, because participating, learning and sharing really are at the roots of this website and are way more important than winning the shirt!



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    Thanks, guys, appreciate it. Congratulations to all the other winners as well.

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