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    Robert Pashayan
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    Here’s what I got, It’s not fully procedural(around 20% handpainted) because I couldn’t get the little unique accidents here and there.

    3ds max + Arnold 5

    Red Grape

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    JB Caillet
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    Hi there !

    Here is what i’ve done for the challenge of this month.

    It was done completly procedural using Arnold 5 in Maya.

    Raw render :

    Raw render

    Then with a bit of comp in Nuke :

    And another version with a rim light just to match a bit more to the lighting :

    Just to explain how I did it for the curious ones, I just use simple nodes and all the time the same, which were the noise, the ai_composite, the ai_shader_mix, and the ramp. With only those 4 nodes I was able to create all kind of mask for my different layers of shaders.

    Unfortunatly I didn’t use Substance or Mari, so I don’t have all the nice details (it’s a shame…), contrary to @robert-pashayan ! 😀

    @robert-pashayan, you just did a great work, congratulation ! 😉

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    Kevin Barres
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    Hi guys, here is my participation ! Mostly procedural, but some textures for color and SSS.
    Made with Arnold and Maya.

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    This is my final entry: Blender and Cycles render engine. 100% procedural textures.


    Bert Van den Bosch

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    Andreas Mischok
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    Hey everyone,

    this is my first time joining the challenge. I started working on the grape at the beginning of November, but because I had too much other stuff to do, it just sat on my hard drive until today, halfway done. In the few time, I tried to focus on the shading instead of texturing. In the beginning, I worked only with the noises inside of Maya but then I added more procedural maps on the go.
    I chose Arnold as my render engine. My shader setup consists of a base shader and a rough coat shader, which are getting mixed together in an aiMixShader. With the base shader, I used a combination of Transmission and Subsurface Scattering settings. The coat layer is all fixed values (if I had more time, I would have added more variation) The procedural I used for the colouring of the grape was originally only intended for testing, but I had no time to exchange it anymore.




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    Sam Fosado

    Hello 🙂

    I just discovered this challenge yesterday! This is what I could make today for the deadline (I plan on improving it and sharing a clean version of my graph later). It is all Maya procedural textures rendered with V-Ray:

    I just started learning V-Ray a month ago and wanted to put in practice what I have learned so far. It turned out ok, but I would need to put even more layered textures with noises to get a better, more realistic look 🙂 (Also work on the shader because that highlight isn’t very pretty…)

    P. S. Jonas’ grape looks the tastiest ;9

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    Sam Fosado

    This is an improved version that could still use some work. Looks less like a candy and more like a fruit xD Fully procedural rendered with V-Ray 🙂

    Grape v2

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